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Making an emotional connection between a house and potential buyer is extremely important. Buyers need to have that "warm and fuzzy" feeling about a house that makes it feel like a home to them. This helps create that emotional connection that will cause the buyer to go beyond just looking to feeling like "I could live here".

With most buyers now looking online for homes, it's crucial that you make that connection at that moment. Having professional quality photographs will have a huge impact on a prospective buyer's desire to view your client's home. As the photos are the first opportunity you have to make a connection with a buyer, you owe it to yourself to maximize that opportunity.

According to Redfin, houses with professionally shot photos sold faster and at a higher price.

Here's what a couple of agents I worked with recently had to say:
"As an experienced real estate broker, I always use professional quality photos. Always. In today's world of online searches, staging a home properly and taking top quality photos is the single most important thing you can do to attract buyers. Too many agents use mediocre photos, and that makes it even easier to put your clients, and yourself, at a competitive advantage by presenting the home at it's best".
Justin Vander Pol - RE/MAX Seattle, WA

"When purchasing a home, buyers buy emotionally and then justify logically. The first connection almost every buyer has with their future home is on the internet through pictures. Good professional photographs are more important than any other aspect of a Realtor's marketing. Good pictures make a potential buyer want to see the home in person which is the main purpose of real estate marketing. If you want to be one of the top listing agents in your area you will provide professional photographs on all of your listings".
Gary Lidstrom - John L Scott Port Orchard, WA

Realizing that you only have one chance to make a first impression, now's the time to work together to make that first impression count.

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