About - Ray David Photography
I've been an avid photographer since my father gave me his Argus C4 range finder when I was in junior high. From that moment on I was hooked. I took every photography class I could and started shooting for any school publications that I could. I continued through college and even did in-house photography at work. At some point life got in the way and I found myself spending time on other interests. It wasn't until a friend of mine put a digital Canon Rebel in my hands that the photography spark was re-ignited.

Life was still getting in the way though and only recently have I been able to spend more time working on my photography which I will always consider to be a work in progress. I'll always believe that I can get better and improve my photographs. What you see on these pages is my continuing journey in photography. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them.

I bring my passion of photography and attention to detail to every job. I strongly believe that photography is about conveying emotions. Whether it's making a connection with buyers and your client's home allowing for a quick sale, capturing the excitement of your child's game, or creating a stunning landscape that makes you long to be there every time you look at it, I'll create images that convey these strong emotions.
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